Design Sprints

Fast-paced product development cycle.

What is a design sprint?

During design sprints, we work with your team to build functional prototypes and testing them on live customers. Together we design, prototype and test your product or service in just 4 days.

The 4-day design sprint process with Red Lemonade replaces abstract conversation and guesswork with real, constant progress. For creating new products, or improving existing ones, potentially months of tangled work is condensed and distilled into a series of problem-solving exercises.


Traditionally projects began with an idea, then through a long and costly build progress followed by a launch to gain customer feedback. A design sprint allows you to learn fast and more efficiently, a future vision where your product exists to test customers reactions without making any expensive commitments saving valuable time and resources.

Make Decisions

Decisions that can drag out a project delivery are made fast and easy using a design process everyone can use.

Solve Problems

The insights gained and implemented from a design sprint solve your project's problems.

Validate Ideas

Products, MVPs or service ideas are teased out and tested with quantifiable results.

Time. Cost. Resources. A sprint will cover in 4 days what may take 5 months in development.


What is the exact outcome?

Our experience proves that design sprints save time, resources and budget. The outcome of every design sprint is a high-fidelity interactive prototype, tested by real users, and a clear direction on where to go next. The sprint is a process to bypass months of indecisive discussion, labour and monetary costs.

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