Consumer awareness campaign with live wind energy data

for Irish Wind Energy Association


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As a nation, we have a long and proud history of punching above our weight. We’ve shown the world how a small country can be a leader on the global stage. And now we have the chance to do so again and this opportunity has far-reaching consequences for Ireland and the entire planet. The Irish Wind Energy Association required a website to promote to the general public the advantages of wind power in Ireland. The IWEA are passionate about the potential of wind energy and what it can do for a small country like Ireland. The website helped them to share the facts on why Irish wind works for consumers, helps the Irish economy by creating jobs and protects our climate for generations to come.

Not only did we create the website but we added live wind facts from Ireland by plugging into the national grid live wind generation data. We used this information to create an animation of the current wind generation along with interesting facts such as the percentage of electricity generated throughout Ireland wind power, the amount of homes currently being powered by wind energy and even down to how many mugs of tea can be produced at any given time!