March 20, 2017 - Comments Off on Three free Google tools to improve your web presence

Three free Google tools to improve your web presence

Test My Site

You don’t have to be technical. Just type in your website address and get a google score.

This easy to use tool is aimed at helping you determine how well your website performs on the mobile web, including both smartphones and tablets. Given that mobile searches now surpass desktop search, it’s critical for your website to score well to favourably appear in search results.

It will also offer a more detailed downloadable report that makes suggestions on issues that you may need to fix.






An interactive viewer to see and test how well your website responds across desktop, mobile and tablet.

Resizer shows you, in real-time, if your site is mobile responsive. Once you input your web address, you can toggle between desktop or mobile experiences. Resizer is totally interactive, and closely mimics actual performance.

Just type in your web address and you're ready to go!




Page Analytics Chrome Extension


See how customers interact with your web pages.

This nifty little tool sits on your browser toolbar and with one click you can see a visual representation or your site with markers showing what people click on and what they don't! There are many features to explore. Use these insights to optimise your website layout, improve user experience, and increase conversions.

You must have Google Analytics installed on your site and using the Chrome browser.


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