Transforming Arachas' digital journey


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The Challenge

Arachas, Ireland’s largest Nationwide insurance broker, came to us needing a way to increase policy sales by enabling customers to complete a purchase, in one seamless, end-to-end journey. To do this, the team needed to collaboratively work and combine the knowledge and experience from all departments.


The Solution

We started with a series of workshops with the whole Arachas team to ascertain the way forward. Our workshops are designed to untangle problems and help make decisions, with team members from marketing to C-Suite on board. Answers to questions on positioning and content were teased out and answered during this time and gave us direction for the project.

As part of Arachas' ongoing digital transformation, a new website with an end-to-end digital journey and a new design system were required. We developed a new visual language for, and a new system for headings and top-line messaging.

The hierarchy of website content needed to put Arachas' personal product offering front and centre. We introduced a colourful card system on the homepage for individual products that is echoed throughout the website. 

The structure of content on each product page serves the customer first. On each product page the call-to-action above all is for the user to get a quote, more information about each product is available further down the page, while fine print and extensive details are available still further down for those that need and want them.

Once the user clicks to get a quote, they are straight into an easy-to-use quoting system and within minutes can see their quote and complete a purchase.


The Results

Arachas' online offering now delivers a customer-first experience. A goal was that the language used on the site be easy to read and jargon free, and this is now the case with a clearly defined brand position and formula for copy that can be used going forward.

Users have been enabled to get insurance quotes within minutes with a brand-new end-to-end experience.