Enabling people with disabilities to control their environment

for HouseMate


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Since 1997 HouseMate have been manufacturing and designing electronic devices that enable people with disabilities to live more independently and enjoy a better quality of life. The product range includes computer access solutions, environmental control systems and musical instruments. HouseMate export to over 20 countries worldwide and support a network of highly trained assistive technology professionals. This growth required a website to showcase the brand growth and hi-quality presented information about the products and services.

As the majority of the users for the HouseMate products and apps are using smart devices such as tablet and phones the site had to be fully responsive. We worked with HouseMate to create a strong brand and collate the content and structure into the most aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly way. The final result is great user experience and user interface design.

We also work with HouseMate on other brand material such as brochures and email marketing.