Protection against coronavirus

for Nearform, The Scottish Government


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Protect Scotland is a free, mobile phone app designed to reduce the spread of coronavirus and avoid further lockdowns. We were tasked with creating a front end design, collaborating with developers at Nearform on a rapid build for this time sensitive project.

The app alerts the user if they have been in close contact with another app user who tests positive for coronavirus. And if the user tests positive, it can help in determining contacts while keeping all the user's information private and anonymous.

System of working

Working to a tight deadline and building on the existing app structure and flow provided by Big Motive for Northern Ireland’s app, we designed a front end that worked within and complemented the Scottish Government's Test and Protect system.

We created a design system of colours and styles and illustrations that helped set the stage for the fast-paced work that was ahead and made communication and collaboration seamless when working in tandem with developers.


High-speed iteration

With a project of this scale and of this nature it was important to have short and immediate feedback loops, this enabled us to keep iterating quickly and to fully optimise a prototype for the Scottish Government to test, feedback and approve. Daily meetings were held between designers, developers and the client and reactions were fast. The prototype in the hands of the Scottish Government was key to securing sign off as quickly as possible before spending valuable time and resources on development.


Scope and importance

We were delighted to contribute to a project of this scope and importance. Using the Protect Scotland app will help the Scottish public to stay safe throughout the pandemic, breaking the chains of infection and speeding up the process of identifying people at risk of catching coronavirus. 

Within 5 days of the app's launch to the public it had been downloaded over 900,000 times.