Ireland South East

for Ireland South-East Development Office


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Ireland South East is perfectly positioned for ambitious business, careers and a healthy work-life balance. The challenge was to not just build a website but to build and connect a community.

There was a clear appetite and ambition to do more for the region with consensus building amongst member counties and stakeholders. Ireland South East was still finding its feet in terms of how to position and present itself to differentiate from competitors, national and international, and showcase both the synergy of the region and the sum of its parts.


There was an opportunity to reframe the region and engage interested parties. Ireland South East’s website needed to act as a portal and a toolbox, rather than just being a vehicle for the organisation.


We specifically identified the psychographics, worldview and needs of the people we were seeking to target. We had to speak directly to each interested audience and house all the tools they needed in one place. It was important to keep the focus on our market and not on competitors. It is now a go-to place for resources, tells the story of the people, the place and its opportunities. The next step was then to push the stories across social media and broaden the reach of Ireland South East organically and through advertising campaigns. The website is just one part of the network that is being built.